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King Schascha embodies the mighty spirit of Rastafari and Reggae culture. King of San Diego’s Reggae scene brings his own unique style and flare to every performance. His first influence and introduction to the world of music began at age four when his parents gave him his first piano. His birthplace Morvant Laventille, Trinidad and Tobago is where the foundation was made to stay true to his roots, and not only play reggae music, but revive and give a new face to organic reggae music. His lyrics encourage righteousness, celebrating life, and continuing to give thanks for Jah’s love.


He is currently ranked number one in San Diego’s Reggae music and his popularity is increasing dramatically each day. He calls San Diego his second home and the people of Southern California have embraced King Schascha as their city’s King of reggae scene.


From the moment King Schascha steps on the stage, his energy is through the roof as he involves the cowed in the performance by getting them to dance along with him, posing for photos with the audience and interact directly with his fans. His true artistic talent shines through by creating songs on the spot. This gave birth to “Rude Boy Skankin”. A King Schascha original hit song that has every audience singing along and moving their feet.

King Schascha bring the true island feel of unity, peace and one love. His music transcends and leaves an impact on each individual attending, turning the dance floor into a non-stop moving wave. He grooves on stage with his band, smiling from ear to ear as his island, dance hall music flows through the air. His first full length album “The Lost Years” was released in January 11th 2014, and followed closely by his second full length album “King Schascha Meets Terry Vibes” released October 29th 2015 by Trini-West Records. King Schascha released "King Schascha and Friends The Raw Facts" April 20th 2018 with his highly anticipated single, “Rude Boy Skankin” and featuring top Reggae names such as Sizzla Kalonji, Capelton, Breadback, Anthony B, Lutan Fyah, Chris Martin, Luciano, Neville Staple, DJ Unite, Donald Dennis, Richie Spice and Sister Nancy. 

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